At Foresight Manufacture, elderly friendly iNO Mobile SOS phones with their key practical functions and low cost of acquisition, are primarily targeted at the elderly, the children of the elderly, namely, the ageing population. The Company’s key activities include Research and Development, System Integration and the manufacturing of mobile phones targeted mainly at the silver hair group. Its annual turnover was S$7.2 million for the financial year ending 2009.

Kenneth Lau is the Founder of Foresight Manufacture Pte Ltd, trademark owner of “iNO” and internationally recognised as Singapore’s pioneer manufacturer and leader of technology and mobile phone solutions that caters to the silver hair community.

Kenneth Lau – “Godbrother of Singapore”

Supporting Kenneth’s vision for a Singapore brand to be both innovative, functional and socially responsible all at the same time, is a supportive team of a full fledged sales and marketing crew, supply chain and after sales support system that further drive the Company’s growing clientele list.

A passionate and compassionate individual, Kenneth has always been known as a spirited entrepreneur who considers challenges a way to rise above the odds, succeeding in business ventures with niche markets. An active participant in the research and development of mobile phones for over 14 years now, his very first flagship product, the iNO Mobile SOS CP09 was the first mobile phone in Singapore equipped with an “SOS” function.

“iNO Mobile SOS Phones will not only improve the lives of the silver hair group, they will set a new standard in the way we think, care and connect with our elderly parents or grandparents.”

The Company’s latest innovation and Singapore’s first silver hair multimedia SOS mobile phone with its innovative location-determining technology solution GprX® was officially launched by Foresight Manufacture, together with StarHub Mobile and leading navigation and LBS company AGIS on 10 August 2010.

Today, Foresight Manufacture has its footprint firmly imprinted in Taiwan (iNO Mobile is now one of Taiwan’s Top 5 mobile phone brands), Australia, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

In his spare time, Kenneth devotes himself in philantropic and volunteer projects associated with the elderly as well as partnering with organisations to embark on CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) projects. With a special interest in the silver hair community, Kenneth continues to explore innovative ways to fulfill unmet social needs of this growing group, resonating with ‘Innovation through the Heart’, the mission statement of iNO Mobile.